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What you need to know about Curling

Object of the Game of Curling

The game consists of two four-person teams with each team throwing eight rocks. The teams alternate delivering the rocks until each team has thrown eight. This is called an end which is similar to an inning in a baseball game. A curling game can have up to 10 ends. The rock is thrown toward the centre circle (button) and tee line of the house (circular rings) at the opposite end of the sheet (playing area on ice).

The object of the game is to get as many of your rocks closer to the button than your opponent. This is done by the help of 2 sweepers (team members) which help to guide your rock and help it go further. Knocking your opponent's rocks out of the house is common and often used to gain points. Depending on the number of rocks successfully delivered, a team can score zero, one or several points in an end. After all sixteen stones have been thrown, the score for that end is determined. The object is to out score your opponent by the conclusion of the entire game. A typical game of eight to ten ends last about two hours.

Curling for the Visually Impaired

Visually impaired curlers follow the Canadian Curling Association’s (CCA) Rules of Curling For General Play.  In addition to the CCA Rules of Curling For General Play there are specific rules for visually impaired competitive events.  These rules are documented in Rules of Curling for Officiated Play.

In a competition curling event, a curling team has a maximum of four players who are totally or legally blind (visually impaired).  If a team has one member who is totally blind, then the team is allowed to have a 5th player who is the team’s designated sweeper.  In addition to the players, each team has a sighted guide who assists the team on the ice.

The guide will do the following:

  • Describe the requested shot to the players at the throwing end of the sheet
  • Advise the player of the weight and turn of the shot
  • Describe the desired outcome of the shot.
  • Assist the player to line up the shot from the hack and to be on the line of delivery towards the broom which is being held by the skip at the opposite end of the ice.

Each team may also have a coach.  Similar to most sports, the coach educates and instructs players in the mechanical techniques of the game and game strategies.


Curling requires some equipment, but is not neccesary to get started with TBCC. Some of the most important pices of equipment include the following.

  • Shoes
  • Warm clothing including stretchy pants
  • Gloves
  • Grippers
  • Broom
  • Stablizer (Helps with delivery)
  • Cue (This is used in stick curling) - Stick curling is when a player is unable to deliver regularly.

Technical Aids

Aids such as flashlights,  lighted brooms can be used by the guide to assist players to line themselves up to the skip's broom.  Players are also allowed to use devices such as monoculars or binoculars during the game.  Laser pointers are not permitted.


Sheet Ice playing area.
Rocks Each game consists of 16 rocks (stones) consisting of 2 colours. Each team throws of one colour.
Sweeping The side to side motion used to help your rock curl or move further along the ice.
Delivery The technique used to throw your rock form one end of the ice to the other.
Hack Starting position area in which you deliver your rock.
Center line The line running vertically along the centre of the sheet.
House Set of 3 circular rings consisting of 3 colours. Located at both ends of the sheet.
Curl The direction in which the rock moves along the ice.
Draw This term is used to determine weight and is used to tell the player to get their rock into the house.
Take Out Removing one or multiple rocks of the opposite team.
Hog line You must release your rock before this line and it must pass over this long at the other end of the ice in order to be in play.
Lead The first player on each team to throw 2 rocks each alternatively.
Second The second player on each team to throw 2 rocks each alternatively.
Vice The third player on each team to throw 2 rocks each alternatively and assists the skip when it's their turn.
Skip The fourth player on each team to throw 2 rocks each alternatively. The skip is responsible for determining the shots and strategy they want to use to help achive as many points as possible.

Learn More About Curling and Wach it in Action

To learn more about curling, check out the videos below or visit

To watch how an end of Visually Impaired Curling is played, view the video below.

Benefits of Curling with TBCC

Blind curling requires close teamwork and communication aswell as accessibility accommodationsto the game. If you are interested inlearning more, please visit our website.

  • Teamwork and socialization
  • Physical activity at a level you are comfortable with.
  • Increase self confidence
  • Learn one of Canada's greatest sports

Getting Started

If you are planning to join us for a trial or you are interested in joining our club, please be sure to contact us to let us know you are going to be coming out so we can ensure that we have adaquate volunteers and coaches to help you learn the game and stay safe on the ice.

Be sure to dress to stay warm. Layers are suggested as you might find yourself getting warm as you become more active. Indoor shoes are required. Brooms and other various equipment will be provided by TBCC.

Potion of a Curling House
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